Walmart's Innovative Generative AI Tools: Revolutionising the Shopping Experience

The retail giant Walmart is pushing the boundaries of customer engagement by experimenting with generative AI tools. The company launched a generative AI tool for its corporate employees in August and has decided to bring this technology to its customers. These tools are expected to assist shoppers at all stages of the shopping experience, from search and discovery to making a purchase.

“AI is not just the future of Walmart, but it is revolutionizing the retail industry. Walmart’s generative AI tools are setting new standards for the customer shopping experience.”

Generative AI: A Flexible Approach

Although Walmart has not disclosed the specific generative AI models it uses to develop these features, it has stated that it employs various external models. The flexibility to substitute other models over time is a strategic move by the company to avoid being locked into partnerships with specific entities such as Anthropic or OpenAI.

Interactive Shopping Assistant

The new shopping assistant feature, expected to launch in the coming weeks, is designed to facilitate a more interactive and conversational customer experience. This tool can answer specific questions, provide personalized product suggestions, and share detailed product information. For example, it can suggest Halloween costumes for a horror-themed party or recommend mobile phones suitable for children.

AI-Powered Search

Similarly, Walmart’s AI-powered search feature enables customers to enter specific questions directly in the search bar. The generative AI can comprehend the context and generate a list of items relevant to the query. Instead of conducting multiple separate searches, customers can get a comprehensive list of products related to their search, thus saving time. This feature is handy for planning events like a unicorn-themed birthday party.

Interior Design Feature

Walmart is also developing an interior design assistant that leverages generative AI and AR technology. This feature allows customers to upload a photo of a room and receive AI-generated advice on how to redecorate it. The AI identifies items in the room and suggests new ones to replace or add based on the customer’s preferences. It also takes into account the customer’s budget to offer affordable items.

Generative AI: A Priority for Walmart

The company’s investment in generative AI technology underscores its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The spokesperson for Walmart affirmed that productive AI technology is a priority for the company. These new tools follow the successful rollout of Walmart’s AI app, “My Assistant,” to 50,000 corporate employees in the U.S. The app has been well-received, with some employees even using it to draft humorous out-of-office messages.

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