Microsoft Unveils New AI and Data Solutions for Healthcare

Microsoft, a global leader in technology, has announced the introduction of new data and AI solutions to enhance patient and clinician experiences while providing valuable insights for healthcare organizations. These advances were shared at the HLTH 2023 conference, marking a significant step forward in applying AI and data analytics in healthcare.

“Technology has the power to revolutionize the healthcare industry, and Microsoft’s new data and AI solutions are a testament to that potential. These innovative tools promise to unlock insights, enhance experiences, and drive better organizational performance in the healthcare sector.”

Unifying Data Analytics for Improved Patient Care

One of the significant announcements from the conference was the unveiling of Microsoft Fabric. This unified analytics platform aims to optimize the potential of data in healthcare. It combines multiple data sources, eliminating the need for a complex set of disconnected data sources. This development is expected to transform how healthcare organizations access, analyze and visualize data-driven insights.

Microsoft Fabric allows healthcare organizations to combine data from previously siloed sources into a single data lake using open data standards. This data consolidation will enable these organizations to derive essential insights and build AI models for improved patient care.

Using AI to Empower Patients and Simplify Medical Jargon

Microsoft also launched new healthcare capabilities within Azure AI services. These new features include Azure AI Health Insights, a cognitive service that provides prebuilt models to facilitate patient care. Three new models were introduced, including a patient timeline that organizes critical events from a patient’s medical history chronologically. This feature will give clinicians a more accurate view of a patient’s health history, informing better care plans.

Other notable features include a clinical report simplification model that converts medical jargon into more straightforward language and a radiology insights model that provides feedback on errors and inconsistencies in clinical documentation.

Addressing Clinician Burnout with AI-Powered Solutions

Microsoft also announced the general availability of Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX™) Copilot, a solution to alleviate administrative burden and clinician burnout. DAX Copilot automatically allows clinicians to create draft clinical summaries from exam rooms or telehealth conversations, saving time for documentation tasks.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare in the Era of Data and AI

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare aims to strengthen the role of data and AI in the industry. This technology augments the Microsoft Cloud with industry-relevant data solutions, application templates, and AI services. The company’s healthcare solutions are built on a foundation of trust and Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles, promising to create connected experiences, foster collaboration, and unlock the value from clinical and operational data.

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