Huawei Challenges Tesla with the Launch of Luxeed S7


Chinese tech giant Huawei boldly moves into the automotive industry with the launch of its electric car, the Luxeed S7. Designed to challenge Tesla’s Model S, the Luxeed S7 sports a powerful 800-volt battery pack and is competitively priced, making it a significant player in the burgeoning EV market.

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Well-known for its technology innovation, Huawei has ventured into the electric vehicle (EV) market by launching its first sedan – the Luxeed S7. This move signifies Huawei’s ambition to compete with leading EV manufacturers, particularly Tesla’s Model S. The Luxeed S7, co-developed with Chinese automaker Chery, sports a sleek design and a powerful high-voltage battery pack.

“Innovation takes competition, and it seems Huawei is ready to deliver.”

The Luxeed S7: A Rival for Tesla’s Model S

Richard Yu, Huawei’s consumer chief, confidently introduced the Luxeed S7 on stage in Shenzhen, touting its superior specifications compared to Tesla’s Model S. The Luxeed S7’s standout feature is its 800-volt platform, enabling rapid charging – a feature that Tesla’s vehicles currently do not offer.

According to Yu, the S7’s high-powered battery, touted as the thinnest in the industry and manufactured by Chinese EV battery giant CATL, can deliver a driving range of 400 kilometers (249 miles) after just a 15-minute charge. This surpasses the 347-kilometer content (about 216 miles) that Tesla’s Model S provided after a similar charging period.

A Price Point to Challenge Tesla

While Tesla’s Supercharger network gives it an edge in China, it is the price point where the Luxeed S7 truly shines. With a starting price of 258,000 yuan ($35,400) during the pre-sales period, the S7 is significantly cheaper than the base model of Tesla’s Model S, priced at 698,900 yuan or $95,800 in China. This competitive pricing could make the Luxeed S7 an attractive option for many consumers in the world’s largest auto market.

Huawei’s Automotive Ambitions

Facing US export restrictions in recent years, Huawei is looking to diversify its portfolio and significantly impact the automotive industry. The Luxeed S7, primarily marketed towards female consumers with features like a cosmetics drawer and a dedicated space for high heels, marks an essential step in Huawei’s ambitious automotive journey.

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