How Senior Care Organizations Can Reach Their Sustainability Goals – TechToday

Another slide from the session details the clear benefits of the community’s new solar array in reducing its carbon footprint.


Susan Dailey, resident board member at National Lutheran Communities and Services, shared how residents became involved as important stakeholders of the project.

“People are feeling that it’s a positive legacy for their kids and their grandkids,” she said. “We wanted to have a seat at the table, be informed of what’s happening, and that did happen.”

And when it comes to the maintenance of the area, Dailey said that due to the rocky, uneven terrain, the community went with a natural option for keeping the grass short: a herd of sheep and kunekune pigs.

The design and aesthetic appeal of the solar array were also important considerations for the community as the area includes walking trails and sits in the scenic Shenandoah Valley.

“The organization is building something that’s good not only for residents today but for future residents for generations to come,” Mazza said. “It’s a legacy type of project that benefits the entire community.”

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