Harnessing the Power of YouTube Premium: New Features and Benefits


YouTube Premium is taking the user experience to the next level with many new features, including early access to experimental AI tools and promotional deals. This article delves into these updates and offers a comprehensive look at the benefits of YouTube Premium.

“With technology at our fingertips, YouTube Premium is revolutionizing how we stream, share, and interact with video content.”

YouTube Premium, a subscription service offered by the video-sharing platform, is elevating its offerings by introducing many new features. With over 80 million Premium members worldwide, YouTube continues to push the boundaries of user experience and innovation.

Early Access to Experimental Features

YouTube Premium subscribers will be given exclusive early access to some of the platform’s cutting-edge features. This includes two AI experiments aimed at enhancing the user experience. These tools, available through youtube.com/new, provide a glimpse into the future of YouTube’s viewer engagement.

The first of these experimental tools is a Conversational AI feature. This AI tool is designed to improve the viewing experience by answering questions, suggesting related content, and more without disrupting the playback. It is only available to a limited number of YouTube Premium subscribers in the United States using Android devices.

The second experimental feature involves AI summarizing comment topics. This tool organizes large comment sections on long-form videos into digestible themes, allowing users to participate more easily in comment discussions. This feature can inspire creators to create new content based on their audience’s discussions.

Promotional Deals and Offers

YouTube Premium is also offering promotional deals from its partners. Currently, members in the US can access special offers such as in-game loot bundles for Genshin Impact trials for various services, including Discord Nitro, Walmart+ membership, Calm Premium, and PC Game Pass. These offers are available on the Premium benefits page of the members’ accounts.

Enhanced Video Quality Across Devices

After successfully launching the enhanced bitrate version of 1080p HD video quality for iOS users, YouTube has expanded this offering to Android, Web, and smart TVs. This feature allows for even crispier, more apparent video details. It is enabled automatically based on users’ connection and viewing settings or can be manually enabled in the quality menu.

Cross-Device Playback

YouTube Premium members can now enjoy seamless cross-device playback. Users can start their session on one device and pick up where they left off on another, be it a smart TV, tablet, or phone. This feature ensures that users don’t miss a moment of their favorite content, regardless of the devices they switch between.

Premium Badges

To make the YouTube Premium experience more rewarding, the platform has rolled out badges that showcase members’ achievements. Located on the ‘Your Premium benefits’ page, these badges highlight the milestones of Premium users and how they’ve embraced the exclusive features offered by the service.

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