Amazon Ushers in Social Shopping: Consult-a-Friend and Other New Features

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Reimagining the online shopping experience, Amazon is launching an innovative feature that transforms digital purchasing into a more social activity. The e-commerce giant’s new ‘Consult-a-Friend’ feature will allow shoppers to seek advice from trusted friends while shopping on the Amazon app. This unique approach to online shopping aligns with the growing trend of social shopping and signifies a shift in how consumers make purchase decisions.

Amazon is revolutionizing how we shop online by harnessing the power of social shopping.

How Does ‘Consult-a-Friend’ Work?

The ‘Consult-a-Friend’ feature lets shoppers send a message and a link to the product they are viewing to friends whose opinions they trust. These friends can then react to the product using emojis and optionally add their comments. The feature builds on Amazon’s existing sharing behavior, as it was found that customers often used the ‘Share’ button on iOS and Android to seek feedback for products they were considering purchasing.

Empowering Customers with Social Shopping

According to Amazon, the ‘Consult-a-Friend’ feature is designed to aid customers in making purchase decisions by relying on the recommendations of friends and family – sources that are often viewed as the most trustworthy. The feature is handy when shopping for items such as apparel, shoes, electronics, and furniture, where customer feedback can be invaluable. It is expected to be especially beneficial during the busy holiday shopping season, where customers can consult friends and family for gift ideas and suggestions.

Privacy and ‘Consult-a-Friend’

To ensure privacy, Amazon has clarified that the ‘Consult-a-Friend’ feature is not a means to gather users’ personal information. Only friends already signed into their Amazon account can respond to requests for feedback. Once the input is sent, the shopper can view the collective sentiments and comments within the Amazon shopping app.

Expanding the Social Shopping Experience: The ‘Create’ Feature

Alongside ‘Consult-a-Friend,’ Amazon is rolling out a new ‘Create’ feature in its ‘Inspire’ shopping feed – a TikTok-like feature that showcases content created by influencers and brands. The ‘Create’ feature allows more people to participate by uploading their photos or videos of products, tagging the product, and sharing their experiences. Once reviewed and approved, the content is displayed publicly in the ‘Inspire’ feed. This feature aims to create a rich, interactive shopping experience that closely mirrors social media platforms.

The ‘Consult-a-Friend’ feature and the ‘Create’ feature, part of Amazon’s drive towards a more social shopping experience, will be available in several countries, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, and the U.K..

With these developments, Amazon sets a new standard for online shopping, making it a more social, engaging, and interactive experience. As the boundaries between social media and e-commerce continue to blur, it’s clear that the future of online shopping lies in integrating social elements, and Amazon is leading the way.

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