Adobe, a pioneer in the digital media space, has recently announced that Firefly, its generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool, is now generally available on its free Express platform. Firefly’s highly anticipated Image and Text Effects tools, which have been in beta for several months, are now accessible to the public.

Capabilities of Firefly

As the name implies, using only a text prompt, the Text to Image tool allows users to generate unique images. For example, inputs such as ‘horses galloping’ or ‘a monster in a forest’ could yield impressive visual outputs. The Text Effects tool, on the other hand, enables users to design floating text bubbles with fonts featuring special effects. These tools cater to various applications, from improving mundane resumes to producing striking marketing materials. During its beta stage, these tools were received positively by users.

Firefly’s Language Support and Commercial Use

Firefly’s text supports over 100 languages, such as Spanish, French, Japanese, and English. Additionally, Adobe has confirmed that the AI technology is safe for commercial use. The model is designed to prevent generating unsuitable or irrelevant content. Instead, the output would fit the prompt given by the user.

How to Use Firefly

Adobe has made the use of its generative AI tools straightforward. Users can access these tools by visiting the Adobe Express website and creating an account. The creation tools are conveniently located on the front page. Users can enter their text prompt, wait a few seconds for Adobe Express to generate the content, and edit the image using the kit on the left-hand side.

Future Prospects of Firefly

The recent Firefly update primarily targets an entrepreneurial audience. Subscribers to Adobe Creative Cloud or Express Premium will now receive Generative Credits, which can be used to create content with Firefly. The AI tool is also being incorporated into an Adobe asset library for businesses. Although there are few features for everyday users, Adobe plans to expand its Express platform in the upcoming months. The company aims to introduce the “latest version” of Firefly on mobile devices, potentially making the tool available on smartphones by the end of the year.

Alternative AI Art Generators

While Firefly is undoubtedly an impressive tool, it’s not the only AI art generator on the block. TechRadar’s list of the best AI art generators for 2023 provides several viable alternatives for those interested in exploring different options.

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