Bing AI: A Leap Towards Versatility and Power with New Plug-ins


Bing AI, developed and operated by Microsoft, is on the verge of becoming more versatile and powerful with the potential addition of plug-ins. The feature is currently undergoing testing and has been rolled out to a limited number of users. The plug-ins are expected to enhance the functionality of Bing AI, making it more responsive and user-friendly.

Microsoft’s Bing AI, a renowned chatbot, is on the brink of a significant upgrade that promises to enhance its versatility and power. The feature being discussed is the integration of plug-ins, an element that has been experimented with previously. The recent update to many Bing Chat users is set to make the chatbot more adaptable and potent.

According to Windows Latest, the tech site granted access to the updated feature; the rollout is currently limited to those using the Canary version of Microsoft’s Edge browser. It’s worth noting that the feature was not available in the finished version of Edge, signifying that it is still in the testing phase.

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An Insight into the New Plug-ins

Currently, the AI offers five plug-ins to testers, and users can choose any three of those to use in a session. Users who wish to change plug-ins must initiate a new Bing Chat session. The plug-ins available in the test phase include OpenTable, Kayak, Klarna, and a shopping add-on for buying suggestions.

Windows Latest performed a trial using a couple of these plug-ins and reported valuable results. For instance, the OpenTable add-on provided restaurant recommendations in response to a query, demonstrating the practicality and convenience that these plug-ins are set to offer.

Microsoft’s plan, however, extends beyond these initial plug-ins. The tech giant aims to roll out many plug-ins for Bing AI over time. One such anticipated feature is the ‘no search’ function, which allows users to specify that the AI can’t use search content scraped from the web in its responses.

A Look into the Future of Bing AI

The integration of plug-ins into Bing AI is not a novel concept. A similar initiative was taken in August, but the plug-ins were withdrawn. The re-emergence of this feature suggests that a full-scale rollout might be imminent.

Despite the initial setback, there are positive indications about the new plug-ins. Windows Latest noted that the new plug-ins appear more responsive and work better than their predecessors. Performance-related issues were one of the reasons for the withdrawal of the test plug-ins earlier this year. Therefore, the improved responsiveness and efficiency of the new plug-ins bode well for their future success.

In conclusion, the upcoming plug-ins feature in Bing AI represents a significant step towards enhancing the chatbot’s versatility and power. While the full rollout is awaited, the initial feedback from testers is promising, indicating a bright future for Bing AI.

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